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Great News, New Clubhouse funding.

29 Jan 2019 17:50

Today we received notification from the council that £12500 will be given to USBC to be spent on moving the fence, preparing footings and mapping out the drains of our new clubhouse.

This work will start almost immediately.

Chris, Lew and David

Background and planning for new clubhouse.

Click to view presentation (Tap space to change Slides)

Update on Clubhouse extension (18 Dec 2018)

We are slowly making progress but things are looking good.

  • Fundraising - applications made. The application to the Lottery awards for all has been submitted and accepted.  This is fund that can be “tapped” for assistance with larger projects. It has a cap of £10000 per year but can be applied for multiple times. We expect to hear whether or not we are successful in March. We have applied for a North Devon Community Grant for £12500. This is grant available to communities through out North Devon. We should hear of our success of failure in the New Year. Section 106. This money comes from the council when New Builds are made in the area. We have been allocated a site near the hospital; when building commences we will should get between £40000 and £50000. That has been accepted and awarded, subject to building starting.

  • Fundraising - applications pending. In the first few weeks of new year David A and myself (Chris R) will make application to the main lottery sports funding for a grant of £125000. We qualify for the grant so fingers crossed on this one. Fullabrook we hope will fund or part fund renewables and clubhouse heating circa £20000.

  • Fundraising - Money in the pot. £5000 has been raised by Lew. This money is the start of the building fund.

  • Planning - the council. We have full planning permission to go ahead with the project. We also have permission to take 5 metres of the playing field behind the clubhouse. The first phase of the project will be to move the fence and dig the foundations and drains.

  • Planning - Working Party. Lew, David A and I will be setting up a working party to plan the interior of the building. It will include an area for 2 mats for shortmat bowling (82% of the members who responded to the recent survey expressed an interest in shortmat). A lounge area, bar storage areas and kitchen. The size position of the areas will be mapped out and circulated among you. If you have any ideas or wish to join the working party or have any requests please let us know before Jan 5th 2019. Detailed layout of bar, kitchen etc will be done by those involved.

  • When will the project start? We hope to start the project by moving the fence etc. In the next 6 months (subject to finance being forthcoming).

We will keep you informed and really would appreciate your feedback.


Presenting the cash -£540-raised by Club members to Ian Roome for

The Over & Above Charity


The presentation evening was a big success and catering excellent. (Saturday 10th November). Trying to locate a photo.


Portugal Tour 2018 (Oct 8th to Oct 15th)

We had fun.


Closing Day

Closing day was different this year. The green had been given it’s annual overhaul and treatment 2 days earlier and hence the Green was not available. Instead it was a cream tea and skittles.

Good times were had and the season brought to a close. There will be social evenings during the Winter and of course every Monday mens Skittles.

Let’s rest on our laurels and look forwards to next season.

Posted 25th Sept

Ladies 3 Wood Tournament 11th September 2018

A great day brought about by a team of dedicated members. Our annual Ladies 3 Wood Tournament had a full complement, 2 sessions of 7 rinks (14 teams). The first jacks went up in drizzle at 9:30 and the last end of the last game finished in the rain at about 5pm. Almost without exception everyone enjoyed the catering, the bowls and the day but not the weather.

Jas Evans and Marrion Tabbener were clear winners and were presented with cheques and the Ladies 3 Wood Cup by Liz Davies.

Runners up.. Jan Summers and Ann Lamey

3rd Pauline Evans and Wendy Davies

 Here is the rain!

 Posted 13 Sept 2018

Club 3 Wood Pairs Tournament

Lew Baglow and Joyce Mabin won the 3 wood Pairs Tournament and were presented with the Overton Cup by Derek Overton a life member of the club.

Runners up were Sue Deans and Dave Wood.

Sorry this posting was not put up earlier.

Posted 25 Sept


Our "A"team for Friday night triples won the Champion of Champions games Semi's against Rock Park and the final against Holsworthy.

DAVID A                          2 September


Congratulations to our ladies. They have qualified for the final at Madera on Wednesday 5th September.


As the nights are drawing in the Monday evening Noel Bennett roll up from September 3rd starts at 6.00PM


Final payment has been made.

Here are the planned pickup points and approx leaving times

14:10 Braunton opposite the bowling club (Aggi)

14:30 USBC

14:35 Sticklepath bus stop (Just up from the Pennyfields)

14:40 Newport bus stop (by Litchdon Surgery) 

(posted 30th August)

Ladies AGM on Sept 14th at 6:30 pm

Section 1 finals

Our lads lost the section Top club final last night, losing by Just one in two of the three games that they lost. I would like to give them a big thank you, they did us proud, But it seemed that one of the 3 L's (Luck) went missing and quite a lot was on the other side. Jamie Withers won the important one in the 2 wood's (we know what I mean) well done from all the club.

Revenge will be sweet, and will come for sure.

It was really nice to see so many of our club at Rock Park giving the team much needed support. So thank you too.

Our next big game is on Friday with the triples team against Comb Martin,  our last game in which just one point is needed from a possible 10 to win the division two championship.


(posted 1st August)


Website Update


Some bugs to be ironed out before fully operational;meeting with Willcox Media (web designers) by CR & DA to resolve.

New Member Update ;

Total =  20 ( 17 new members , 3 returnees)

Bar refrigeration;

Recommendation from Bar Manage to improve cooling system agreed to be further investigated & full costing to Exec asap

Alarm problem to be sorted by alarm provider Wednesday 25 July.

Club House Project :

Meeting last week with representative of Big Lottery gave us some very good tips to apply for funds.


(posted 28th July)


Ladies winners of the section final of the Grace Mathews. Well done everyone.

We will be playing out of section at the end August at Culm Vale.

More news later


(posted 26th July)

Captains Report 23rd July

For a small club we are quite successful and I believe you should all be made aware of what is happening.

Yesterday our youngest member Lily Woodcock captained a team with her Dad Colin and Uncle Adam and won the mixed triples comp at Rock Park, winning all 4 games. Lily did really well bless her at just 12 she showed her dad how to do it and she walked away with her first trophy (hopefully many more to come Lily!) Colin was one proud dad yesterday!!! They even won their 3rd game against the triple who had won it the last 2 years!!!! Keep it up you three….

Next we have a team in the semis of the coronation cup (A very prestigious event) Terry Rich.. Derek Dennis.. Jamie and John Withers were the team of the moment.

With one game to go against Combe Martin we need just one point from a possible ten, to clinch the second division title, of Friday night triples. Well done team.

Next Tuesday 31st July, we will be playing the game postponed by Ashley Road. There is also the section final and will be held at Rock Park, a little bit of needle here I think so it would be nice if you all to give your team full support.


(posted 23th July)

Barnstaple BC Ladies Tournament (18th July)

Excellent day at Barnstaple BC Ladies Tournament yesterday with Lyn Smart and Lyn Parker taking first place and Jean Beer and Liz Davies coming in third. Our other ladies put in a great show too. Well done to everyone who took part.


(posted 19th July

Club Executive meeting Thursday 19th July

The July meeting has a couple of subjects that are of interest to members.

1 Club Extension Update

2 Funding; Tesco Bags of help.

3 Club website Facebook Page

If any member wishes to have a Club matter raised at the Executive meeting please email our Secretary (David Anderson) or contact any member of the executive (See inside cover of your fixture book).

(posted 10th July)

Mens Shirts

16 USBC Mens Bowling shirts are  available. Those of wanting new or replacement shirts please contact Chris Rainey (07714365273) or a member of the bar staff when you are in the club.

(posted 7th July)

Telephone list.

The telephone and email list has now been published. It is pinned to the club notice board. If you would like a copy please ask at the bar. Addresses if required are held by the secretary and members of the Executive.

When sending emails to more than 1 member please use “blind copy” BCC not CC and not To (to comply with the new personal data protection act).

(posted 4th July)

New Members

We have over 20 new members, thank you all who have helped to bring fresh “blood” to the club. To all new members we extend a warm welcome to our club.

If you know anyone interested in bowling, may we remind everyone that new members can join the club for £25, that includes tuition and the loan of a set of bowls. Unlike many clubs we encourage all new members to join in and start playing friendlies as soon as they feel comfortable.

(posted 4th July)

Section One Finals Day

We have received the schedule for the section One Finals Day

Sun 29th July At Barnstaple Bowling Club

Click here for the program

Insurance money

We have been contacted by the council’s insurer and they are to pay for the fence £1016 (less £250 excess) that was damaged in the March winds.

(Posted 26th June)


The Website you are now viewing is up and running. We need editors for a variety of pages more of this in due course.

We believe this site is  unique and has come about as a result of collaboration between WillcoxMedia, David Anderson and Chris Rainey. WillcoxMedia is a Barnstaple based company that designed the Website. However the key part of the design is the fact that this page and all others are just Google Documents - almost the same as Microsoft Word and can be edited by almost anyone who has ever used a word processor.

You open the document edit it, close it and the changes appear on the website ….. like magic. No special skills required. Drag and drop pictures, add links to the document. The fixtures page is literally a cut and paste of the fixtures spreadsheet we use for the fixtures book.

We will produce a video to publicise the simplicity of the process. It is our hope that we can offer web publishing to the other clubs and small businesses. Any club or business enrolling with WillcoxMedia using this system will benefit our club. We have negotiated a cross licensing agreement and the club will receive £100 for every enrolment that takes place.

(Posted 26th June)

The Clubhouse Extension

In order to accomodate short mat bowling in the winter and to enhance our current facilities we are looking to add an extension to our clubhouse. Below is an artist's impression of the changes.

Fundraising for the Clubhouse Extension.

Fundraising continues for our new Clubhouse Extension. In the following table you can see the progress being made etc.

Name of fund source

 Money pledged

Money received.




Up To £120K


See Below


Applying for £30K

The lottery have been in contact. We were waiting for a reply to see if we had moved forward into stage 2. They rejected us 2 months ago and forgot to tell us. We had a call and received an apology together with an offer. Their representative is going to visit USBC on 18th July to make a presentation and help us. We are to be encouraged to re-apply and this  local Lottery representative is going to give us assistance and encourage us to reapply.