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The Clubhouse Extension (May 2019)

More funds roll in!

Most of you will know that we have been awarded £75000 from the lottery. We have a few hoops to jump through but they are all in hand.

The current status of the project.

  • An architect has been appointed to produce the necessary drawings.

  • We are about to have an asbestos roof survey to get a certificate to allow it to be removed.

  • We are in negotiations with the council to get a new lease.

The financial side of the project.

  • We have money put ring fenced for the architect. This was raised by Lew from the Coop and Tesco.

  • We have £12500 from the council community fund.

  • The Lottery award is £75000

  • We have section 106 money (from new housing build fund) to awarded when building starts. Unfortunately we cannot apply for this retrospectively therefore we needed to identify a module of work that can be delayed until after the club house is complete. To ensure we receive the money we will not be updating the kitchen until the money is forthcoming. We expect the fund to grant us about £40000.

  • We have applied to Fullabrook Wind Farm for £25000 (quote obtained from RES Devon) to fund the heating and solar panels on the roof. The heating will be underfloor in the extension, warm air heating in the main part of the building and hot water provided by air source heat pumps.

  • This gives us a total (potential) fund of £152000.


We hope to start work finally during the winter of 2019/2020 but all the delays are being caused by the council dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

Watch this space.