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01 September 2020

The confirmation vote for the loan, sent out last month was overwhelmingly in favour. 48 yes, 2 no.

What is happening to our new clubhouse extension?

We are waiting and waiting for the council to grant the final licence to commence the build and are now 1 month behind schedule.

Funding is in place and planning is processing the updated drawing with the new heating and solar installation.

The council has been promising us a new lease since 2011, yes 2011. We requested a new lease,to include the land on which the extension is to be built, 18 months ago. They released the land and we moved the fence but are insisting we have to have a new lease that is in the hands of the NDC legal department.

Unfortunately we cannot order the extension until we have the council goahead.

We will not be committing to the loan or grants until the council gives us the paperwork!

Watch this space.

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Coronavirus and our Club (Updated Regularly)

Sunday 7th June

New guidance and booking form (see your email to link to the booking form)

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Wednesday 27th May

Hello everyone

Although we thought the green may not open this year, it has, and in splendid condition.

A huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in getting us to this point.  There has been a mountain of work going on both on the green and on the Club house extension and we should all be grateful to the members involved.

Whilst we are unable to bowl in competition we are fortunate to be able to bowl within the Bowls England guidelines.  This has been achieved much quicker than first thought.

Lastly I am very grateful to everyone who has helped and only wish that my health issues have prevented me from taking an active roll.

Happy bowling and stay safe



Wednesday 20th May

The Council have just granted us a full licence to carry out work on the clubhouse and extension. We hope to get underway in the next few weeks by replacing the old asbestos roof of the clubhouse and moving the fence. We have an Exec meeting tomorrow which we hope will rubber stamp the go-ahead.

The team

Wendy, Lew, David A and Chris

Friday 15th May

Ready to start bowling? Bowls England have spelt out how we can start bowling again.

Summerising; games must be played on alternate rinks. Each game can be solo or with a family member or one other person, a maximum of 2 players per ring, 2 jacks per rink and only one person touching the jack. There are more formalities including sterilisation of equipment, the use of toilets and printing notices that have to be completed before the executive can permit anyone to bowl on the green.

We also have to work out a booking system etc.

During the coming week we hope to sort out much of the red tape.

The executive is  planning  a “tele-conference” next Thursday to ensure that we comply with the requirements of Bowls England and commonsense.

We will update you as soon as this has been done. The Green awaits!


Wednesday 29th April

Clubhouse update. In order to keep our planning permission we need to “do something” before 20th June therefore we are proposing to replace the roof of the existing building while coronavirus keeps us out of the clubhouse.

We are just waiting for formal documentation from the council (revised lease). When the asbestos roof is removed, the back of the gents changing room will have a temporary sheeted roof, to allow gents the use the WC.

As soon as we get the paperwork we will be holding an executive meeting to cross the “t's and dot the “i”s and let you all know what is happening.

Wednesday 22nd April

More good news!

We received this email from the council this morning.

“We are happy for you to move the fence line now. I will instruct our Estates Team to give you the required document to permit this and we will need to contact Boca Seniors to tell them we are now exercising this option that was documented in their lease.”

Finally we have the go-ahead for the clubhouse extension. We have modified the plans a little. Our current cellar will remain for the time being and what was going to be a storage room will be put on hold. The building will be 3.5 metre shorter but the changing rooms and lounge remain unaltered (the possibility of extending still remains). The reduction in cost means that we can avoid taking a loan from Bowls England.

The Lottery is on board with the changes and all that is needed is formally revised quotations for the work (this is in hand). The new plan allows us to complete the extension without disrupting the current layout of the existing building except for providing a new WC for the men. Below is the new layout showing everything, but initially the ladies changing room, kitchen and bar remain unchanged until we have a handle on the finances.