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USBC DIARY 2018/19

April 19th 2020

Hi all, Every year since I joined the club, members, even some who have been in the club for 5 years, do not get a chance to get to know those, also in the club, who work or live at distance, so I thought it would be a good idea to give you all the opportunity to play in a game with them (The ones that can make it) on Sunday the 19th April, That is the day after we open the green.

I will do my best to get everybody involved in some way, depending on the response from you we could need most of the club even with 6 rinks to be involved 48 or 7 rinks 56 players.

It need not just be a game, we could make a day of it and have food (bring and share) If you have any ideas please let me or Wendy know (I have not said anything to her yet) AND.... Take this as a request for you to help......if you would like to help in any way please just ask, we all need to be involved.

(I am told that I need help on a regular basis)

I have already asked my friend for a day of good weather on the 19th.